We understand that your pawning business has unique requirements and so do your customers. This is why we spent substantial time and effort in finding out what exactly a pawning solution should possess to cater to all the sophisticated technological needs of the pawn broking financial service industry. And based on the valuable feedback we collected from pawnbrokers like you, we built a peerless solution that can help reduce costs while maximizing cash flow.

The web-based pawning solution developed by IT Connect is a versatile system designed to optimize the pawning management process from granting to redeeming to auctioning. It is extensive yet user-friendly, and is fully automated and operates in real time, connecting all the authorized users across the country on a single platform online.


  • Admin Module

  • Pawning Module

  • Inventory Module

  • Customer Master

Centralized Management

Centralized pawning management via access from each branch linked to centralized system (Web-based)

Branch Mapping

Branches can be defined and users can be mapped branch wise.

Role Management

Users and user roles can be defined and mapped

Alert Notifications

SMS and email alerts for pending/open transactions. Reminder alerts will be mapped based on user roles.


View transaction details (new granting, redeems, re-loan) on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

Customer Master

Update, view, and manage customer information, including contact details and transaction history.


Update all stock related adjustments in the inventory module, including pawned article, stolen item details etc.


The web-based solution seamlessly integrates with 3rd party applications.


Generate a multitude of detailed and summarized reports on articles pawned, interest payments, auctions, customer history etc.

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  • Ticket Management

    - Enter ticket details, including product image, category, Karat type, customer info, contract period

    - Automatic calculation of service charge

    - Approval of tickets

    - Printing of tickets

    - Generate unique barcode for each ticket

    - Cancellation of tickets possible within a period of 24 hours

    - Email and SMS alerts

  • Renewals

    - Granting amount can be increased

    - New ticket matching the new value can be generated in real time

  • Period extension

    - Ticket period can be adjusted on customer request

    - New ticket matching the updated period can be generated in real time

  • Item Release

    - Partial release of multiple items pawned

    - Generate new ticket for remaining items

  • Redeem

    - Update details of redeemed articles

    - Item history remains in the system for future reference

  • Receipt

    - Interest or capital can be paid partially or in full

    - Waive off or adjust interest amounts

    - Cancellation of receipts

    - Email and SMS alerts

  • Auction process

    - Location-based auction article transfer

    - Generate auction receipt with recovery amount and additional fee details

    - Auction reversal

  • Dud articles

    - Display of all existing tickets in the system

    - Set ‘dud’ status for required tickets

    - Generate report on available dud articles

    - Remove dud articles from inventory

  • Stolen items

    - Display of all existing tickets in the system

    - Set ‘stolen’ status

    - Generate report on stolen articles

    - Stolen item claim process

  • Budgeting

    - Set budgets for capital branch-wise

    - Set budgets for interest branch-wise

    - Monitor progress through the dashboard and reports

  • Reminder letters

    - Issue 3 reminder letters

    - Schedule the time to send letters

    - Reprint letters

    - SMS alerts

  • Non-standard transactions

    Single transaction screen will be provided to manage the cash in/out process of loan as mentioned below.

    - Cash inflow

    •  Customer partial payments on interest, capital and service charge
    •  Head office money transfers

    - Cash outflow

    •  Payments on granted loans

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