Having an efficient sales and distribution process is crucial to your business. The more your business grows the more complicated it gets to record and report every single transaction that takes place. And no matter how extensive your manpower is, following a simple paper and Excel-based process becomes inadequate at some point.

Automate the Sales & Distribution process

How would you like it if you could streamline and automate the entire sales and distribution function of your business with a simple solution? Well, that’s exactly what our customizable sales and distribution solution does! It consolidates all sales and distribution data at your main location and facilitates smooth flow of information for decision making and other business processes such as finance, audits etc. on a real-time basis while maintaining high levels of data security.

Track Sales, Track Routes – Track Almost Anything That Matters!

Monitoring and analyzing the field sales team’s activities is one of the greatest challenges faced by managers these days. Hey, but with the right solution like the one we have built for you, keeping track of your sales team can in fact become of one of the simplest tasks for you.

Powered by Google geo-tagging and tracking, our sales and distribution solution is capable of tracking sales by area, by route, and by each sales representative. It also allows managers and coordinators to assign areas and routes for sales representatives and keep a track of all shop visits. Sales representatives can access the system via mobile devices and perform registrations and process invoices real time.

Key Features

Centralized Management

Centralized sales & distribution management via Access from each user linked to centralized system

Geo-Location Tracking

Monitor all sales and distribution activities by each area and route with location-based tracking

Role Management

Users and user roles can be defined and mapped

Alert Notifications

SMS and email alerts for all transactions, including stock transfer, invoicing etc.


View sales and distribution details on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis

Shop and Distributor Master

Update, view, and manage information about shops and distributors, including contact details and transaction history


Keep a track of stock on hand, stocks in transit, goods receipt, stock returns etc.


The web-based solution seamlessly integrates with 3rd party applications.


Generate a multitude of detailed and summarized reports on product sales, area visits, customer details, location tracking etc.

Sales and Distribution Process

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  • Master Data Management

    Link all critical data to master files and have a common point of reference among multiple personnel and departments.

    Item Master

    - Update item code, item description, barcode, item category, unit of measure, warehouse info, quantity, and pricing details of products

    Distributor Master

    - Add new distributors and maintain distributors’ transaction history with credit details, bank guarantee amount, and current credit amount

    Area Master

    - Maintain and track stock distribution/redistribution location details with area code, description, and area manager details

    Route Master

    - Assign sales representatives for multiple routes to carry out the redistribution process under each area

    Shop Master

    - Register shops under 9 different categories with their geographical location details

    Field Officer Master

    - Store contact details of field officers such as sales managers, sales coordinators, sales representatives etc.

  • Inventory Management

    Supervise the flow of goods from factory to warehouses to distributors – all on a single web-based platform.

    Inventory Handling

    - Trace the levels of factory stocks, stocks in transit, and distributor location stocks

    Goods Receipt

    - Generate stock receipt transactions in the system every time the production is complete

    Stock Returns

    - Enter return entries with reference to previous invoices and transfer returned stock from distributor location to inventory location

  • Real-time Reports

    Get an overview of your processes every now and then with our system’s multi-reporting capabilities.

    • Customer Details Report

    • Product Sales Report

    • Area Visit Report

    • Daily/Monthly Sales Report

    • Location Tracking Report

    • Offline Transaction Report

Feel like your manual process is making your business quite inefficient? Contact us to find how you can automate it.