The human resource industry has been on an exciting, but challenging, journey in the past few years. A dynamic work environment, advanced technological ecosystems and a workforce that’s constantly demanding more from an organization and vice versa are just a few signs of its growth.

The scope remains for companies to move to a more consolidated and well-integrated solution to create better talent analytics in order to transform their talent strategies and directly improve employee engagement and the ability to perform. Regardless of industry or size, an HRMS platform can help small and medium-sized businesses achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and productivity and can offer your organization the tools and services to stay competitive.

Substantial Beneficts of iCONN HRIS

  • Automate HR Processes

    Facilitates the document-based processes to increase productivity and employee satisfaction

  • Provide Remote Access & Employee Self Service

    Take care of different human resources-related and Job related tasks

  • Facilitates Communication

    Ensures the communication between HR and employees. notifying employees, managers, HR and payroll staff of when something needs attention.

Timesheet and Attendance

Keep track on all employee related activities with regard to time in & out, hours worked, absenteeism and overtime calculation etc.

Employee Profile

A centralized system to update, view and manage employee information

Leave Management

Ability to create and manage multiple leave types based on company policies

Payroll Process

Full-service payroll, in sync with all your HR, time, and benefits datae


View employee attendance details (total employees present, absent, and on leave) on a daily basis

Organizational Levels and Company Setup

Ability to create and manage multiple Organizational levels and map each employee to an organizational level

Standard Reports

Generate a multitude of detailed and summarized reports on Employee Attendance, Leaves, etc.

Employee Self Service

Allow employees to manage personal information and for employees to make requests such a leave request, time change request, etc.

User Roles Management

Users and user roles can be defined and mapped

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