In the existing business climate, banks are faced with the inconceivable rate of growth in regulatory requirements, as the data complexity and cyber security concerns escalate. Simultaneously, the awareness of the customers and the scrutiny of the media and the management forces banks to demonstrate a viable process for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), and concentrate more on the way that risk is managed within the bank.

Through our partnership with the GRC market leader – MetricStream, we cater the local banking sector with over 20 core applications under the GRC domain, including ERM, Internal Audit Management, and Compliance Management. Our solutions are cloud-deployed, subscription-based, and integrate content feeds enabling continuous monitoring.

Portfolio of 20+ GRC Apps

Our extensive range of GRC apps enables you to manage your risks, compliance, and governance activities in a holistic, consistent, and efficient manner. With support for mobility, real-time reporting, advanced risk analytics, regulatory notifications, and social media monitoring, our Apps are designed to help you thrive in today’s complex, global enterprises.

Enterprise Risk Management

Identify, assess, quantify, manage, and monitor your enterprise risks from one unified system.

Operational Risk Management

Mitigate operational risks, and minimize loss events through a systematic, automated, and integrated approach.

Internal Audit Management

Drive intelligent risk-based auditing, improve auditor productivity, and gain real-time visibility into the audit process.

SOX Compliance Management

Reduce SOX compliance costs by streamlining and automating control assessments and testing.

Compliance Management

Simplify compliance management by integrating multiple compliance requirements, processes, and data on a common platform.

Policy and Document Management

Gain a centralized system to create, organize, distribute, and maintain multiple types of policies and documents.

Incident Management

Enable a systematic, consistent approach to identify, investigate, and resolve Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) incidents.

IT Risk Management

Streamline the IT risk management lifecycle, and gain timely, actionable insights to proactively mitigate IT risks.

IT Compliance Management

Manage IT compliance requirements, control assessments, and non-compliance issues from a common point of reference.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Automatically integrate threat and vulnerability information from multiple sources into a central database for complete visibility.

Business Continuity Management

Strengthen business continuity planning and testing. Enable rapid response during a crisis.

Vendor Risk Management

Identify, assess, manage, and mitigate risks across your vendor ecosystem from a centralized, scalable platform.

Case Management

Systematically capture, investigate, resolve, and report cases across the enterprise.

Third-Party Management

Facilitate an integrated, intelligent approach to third-party screening, due diligence, risk assessments, and monitoring.

Supplier Quality Audit Management

Manage and track quality, non-conformances, and CAPAs across the supply chain in a unified and consistent manner.

Non-Conformance and CAPA Management

Swiftly identify and investigate non-conformances. Streamline CAPA processes for effective resolution.

Operational Audit Management

Manage multiple operational audits -- including EHS audits, quality audits, and security audits – from a common system.

Product Compliance Management

Enhance compliance with multiple product quality and safety regulations through a common platform and an integrated approach.

Regulatory Engagement Management

Efficiently manage regulatory exams, inquiries, investigations, and meetings throughout their lifecycle.

Regulatory Change Management

Track regulatory changes from multiple sources and manage their impact on your business.

Issue Management

Streamline and reinforce your issue management process.

Survey Management

Standardize your survey management program.

Futuristic Technology

Our GRC apps from MetricStream, are designed with state-of-the-art technology to meet your unique needs. Here’s what you get with each app:

  • MetricStream GRC Platform

    The core infrastructure for all GRC apps; provides a highly scalable, flexible, and extensible data model.

  • MetricStream App Studio

    An integrated tool kit to rapidly configure and extend GRC apps.

  • MetricStream GRC Cloud

    A state-of-the-art private cloud environment to deploy GRC apps quickly and cost-effectively.

  • MetricStream Enterprise Mobility

    Tools to manage GRC programs from your mobile devices anywhere, anytime.

  • MetricStream Big Data Analytics

    Harness massive volumes of data from multiple sources, and convert it into valuable risk intelligence.

  • MetricStream Infolets

    Patent-pending adaptors that integrate with multiple data sources to capture and import relevant information into our GRC apps for processing, routing, and reporting.

Contact us to find out how you can implement an integrated GRC framework within your business.